20190609 100% Wholemeal Rye – Rus Brot's CLAS Pan Loaf

20190609 100% Wholemeal Rye – Rus Brot’s CLAS Pan Loaf




This loaf was made with CLAS, whey, mashed potatoes, lard, spices (coriander, caraway, and fennel seeds), and 100% home-milled rye flour. 


Thank you, Rus!




CLAS after refreshment, pH 3.4






Straining home-made yogurt to collect the whey






Whey, pH 3.8, from home-made yogurt






100% wholemeal rye loaf






I might not have mixed the dough evenly, as bits of mashed potatoes are still in the crumb. And the sides are a bit mushy. Could it be that I used too much lard to grease the pan? 


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