4th of July Sprinkle Cookies

Sprinkle Cookies are such a fun sugar cookie for any occasion. These 4th of July Sprinkle Cookies have red, white and blue sprinkles to make them patriotic! Start with my favorite chewy sugar cookie recipe and add any color sprinkles to make your favorite festive cookie.


sprinkle cookies in a stack

These really are like Fireworks Sprinkle Cookies, don’t you think? The sprinkles in them make them just pop with color and burst like a firework.

(Great, now I have that Katie Perry song in my head…)

Any time I can use sprinkles in a cookie is a good day. I’ve made sprinkle cookies before with rainbow sprinkles and for Valentine’s Day but these are squarely in the 4th of July cookie camp. 4th of July Sprinkle Cookies start with my soft and chewy sugar cookie recipe but you skip the frosting and add tons of your favorite color sprinkles instead.

I just sent out our 4th of July invite for our annual BBQ with close friends. Last year we had to skip the party because of Mel’s surgery, but this year it’s back to normal and I’m glad. Independence Day is my favorite holiday and I love to go all out with decorations and food. This year our backyard is (finally) done so we have plenty of seating and fun things to do for kids and adults.

In the years I’ve been hosing 4th of July parties I’ve realized that, when it comes to desserts, cookies are the way to go. I love making apple pie, cakes or cupcakes for the 4th of July as well, but the cookies always disappear first. Kids and adults love cookies, especially sprinkle cookies!

These 4th of July Sprinkle Cookies will be the hit of your party. They’re easy to make with your favorite sprinkles!


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