Asian Ramen Cabbage Salad

This Asian ramen cabbage salad is filled with napa and purple cabbage, shredded carrots, scallions, shelled edamame, crunchy ramen noodles, slivered almonds and a peanut sesame dressing.

A few weeks ago we hosted some family over for a barbecue and my mother-in-law brought an Asian cabbage salad that we all went nuts for. It was just so good! And I immediately asked her for the recipe.

The recipe came from this blog and I decided that I just had to create my own version and share it with you. I took what was already an amazing cabbage salad and tried to kick it up a notch with more veggies, more color, and even more appeal. This fresh and flavorful Asian ramen cabbage salad is a perfect side dish for parties or potlucks, it’s great for meal-prepping lunches, and you can even add a protein like chicken or salmon to make it a complete main dish for dinner.

There are so many ways to love this salad! (more…)

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