Fireworks Funfetti Cupcakes

If you love my Funfetti Cupcakes recipe you’re going to love that I turned them into Fireworks Funfetti Cupcakes! These are the perfect 4th of July cupcake recipe.

My yellow cake recipe is so versatile that I use it for so many other recipes, and Funfetti Cupcakes are my favorite!


unwrapped Funfetti Cupcake with red white and blue sprinkles

I feel like I must be in a Funfetti mood because last week I updated my Funfetti Cupcakes post and used them to make Mermaid Cupcakes…and now it’s time for these Fireworks Funfetti Cupcakes! Let’s be honest: Funfetti Cupcakes are perfect for turning into an easy 4th of July recipe because red and blue sprinkles are so fun.

I have so many recipes to share with you this month in preparation for the 4th of July. I’m going to share a ton of pasta salads, easy punch recipes and, of course, red white and blue desserts!

Did I tell you guys that I redid my office recently? Now I have a full wall of shelves with sprinkles in jars. I have all the colors of the rainbow and some of my favorite mixes; my favorite being the red, white and blue sprinkle mix.

I can’t wait to turn all my favorite funfetti recipes into colorful holiday themed sprinkle recipes. I mean, Funfetti is the perfect flavor for halloween cupcakes (orange and black sprinkles), Christmas cupcakes (red and green) or even Easter cupcakes (pastels).

These fireworks Funfetti Cupcakes are an easy yellow cupcake recipe with a homemade buttercream, filled with red white and blue sprinkles!

fireworks Funfetti Cupcake overhead shot

I love serving cupcakes at parties. They’re an easy way to serve dessert; no forks or plates required. Plus there are so many ways to make them: buy them, make them from a box or use one of my easy cupcake recipes.

Whenever I think about making a cake, I always like vanilla. Honestly, vanilla is my favorite flavor of anything: cookie, cake, even ice cream.


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