Skinny Vodka Party Punch

Skinny Vodka Party Punch is a healthier alternative to a summer drink! This easy punch recipe has just two ingredients and it’s refreshing with berries and lime flavor.

If you’re looking for a traditional vodka party punch that has less calories and sugar, my skinny version is the one you need to make all summer long.


skinny vodka party punch in pitcher with fruit

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a month now and I’m really loving it. (As a reminder: IF is when you only eat during certain hours and fast for others. I fast for 16, eat for 8 most days and sometimes do 18/6). During my window I’m trying to avoid sugar, carbs, and alcohol as much as possible. I’m getting better at skipping dessert and nightly wine, carbs is harder although I’m passing on bread in lieu of rice or whole wheat pasta once in awhile.

Come Friday night, however, I want a cocktail. I love wine (SO MUCH) but it is loaded with carbs. Same goes for when we entertain: I want a drink and it’s usually wine. I’m trying to train myself to only have 1-2 glasses OR drink a vodka cocktail instead (vodka has fewer carbs than white wine).

Last weekend we hosted our first summer pool party. Normally I make some sort of vodka punch for every party. If you didn’t know, vodka party punch is my jam and you can find all sorts of. versions on this website: orange, fruity, lemon lime. Most of those cocktails, even if I use club soda, have some sort of juice in them. I’m not completely anti-juice but I really want to save my calories for food (and, well, the vodka itself).

So, long story short, when trying to make a new punch recipe for our BBQ, I decided to make a Skinny Vodka Party Punch. It was a HIT – I ended up having to make a second batch AND everyone raved about how refreshing it was.

Skinny vodka party punch is a simple and refreshing summer cocktail recipe that’s lower in carbs but not in flavor!

vodka party punch in glass

I also love how pretty these photos are. The blue and red berries just POP with color and makes this also a great drink for any 4th of July party too!


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