Vollkornbrot from Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread

Vollkornbrot from Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread

 The challenge for this weekend: Vollkornbrot from Jeffrey Hamelman’s Bread. This is one of my favorite recipes because it’s surprisingly low maintenance for rye bread, and the results are fantastic. 

I substituted BRM 7 grain cereal mix for rye chops, and it worked surprisingly well. The bread is a little less chewy than with rye chops, probably because the chopped grains in the mix are smaller. The crumb is more open than the last few times I’ve made this recipe, but I think I could still push the proofing a little farther. I was getting intimidated by the spreading pinholes. 

The worst part about making rye bread is waiting to slice into the loaf! The recipe calls for waiting 24-48 hours, but I only lasted “overnight,” which was around 18 hours. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning the day after I make a beautiful loaf of rye bread!